Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Memorial Day was a bittersweet one. My dear, sweet grandmother and last grandparent passed away recently and her Memorial Service was held over the weekend. My mom asked me to design her programs and of course I was honored to do so.

This is just one page from her program (my favorite).

My mom worked hard over the past few weeks to organize the 
entire thing and did a beautiful job. We scattered her ashes over 
my Papa's grave while my cousin sang Amazing Grace, then 
the family released 15 butterflies at the cemetery.  

She is definitely missed and... honestly... there are no words 
in these kinds of situations - it's simply a part of life we all 
must deal with at some point I guess... but I found a 
beautiful quote that I think describes it best: 
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal... 
but love leaves a memory no one can steal."

We love you GG.

Baby Owen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my dear friends at work is preggers with her first child so I was super excited to help throw her a baby shower. Addie was in charge of food and did a great job - Mary Jane, Kelly and Joy did a marvelous job helping me set up and Will was so sweet to take photos for us. We have so many great people in our department and it's time like these that we get to see how much we enjoy each other's company. We chose whales based off of some of the accents Mommy is using in Baby Owen's nursery. I think Kristen loved it and I have absolutely no doubt that she's going to be a wonderful (BEYOND wonderful actually) mother.

It took place in our conference room - so try to ignore the chairs!

There's Momma coming in! Surprise!

We decided to go with blue, white and yellow and used a 
burlap table runner

close up of the invitation

We put a slideshow of pictures up on the big screen. "OTB" are his initials.

To the right is a little candy station.

Great job on the cupcakes Addie!

Kristen's little gift basket. (There's more on gifts below.)

Here's sweet Kristen - except for her cute belly, 
you would never even know she's pregnant!

Since this was held the week after the terrible tornadoes, Kristen was 
generous enough to ask that the collective money that would normally be 
put towards her gifts to be used for donations instead. So we also had 
a table full of goodies to put toward a good cause.

It was a great shower - now we can't wait for Baby "O" to get here!

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