Color inspiration

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In the midst of planning Ava's 7th (yes...SEVENTH) birthday party, I thought I would dedicate a post to my color inspiration. As women we often "wear many hats," but I've always had passion for planning special events. Wedding sites/blogs are great sources of color inspiration considering how much goes into each and every single detail. For the big "partay," I will be using one of my personal favorite combinations: chartreuse and lilac...more commonly known as: green and purple.

photo courtesy of theKnot

Houndstooth painting

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Having always lived in Alabama, I've done quite a few Alabama/Auburn projects. This one doesn't necessarily HAVE to be Alabama...but it was done for a pretty intense BAMA fan! Everything is painted except for the red ribbon.

(size 16" x 24") $40

Jewelry frames

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This DIY project came about when I went to pick out a pair of earrings one day and found myself completely frustrated after searching through a big, tangled jewelry MESS. Then... ahhhhhh... the sound of angels came down from the heavens. I remembered an old issue of a "Do It Yourself" magazine that had a small square frame with a perforated metal insert used for organizing earrings. So I started researching on where I could find those perforated metal panels to go along with a great frame I bought at a local thrift store. Add a little spray paint and voila! Frame and/or metal panel can be any color. 

White frame - silver metal panel (14" x 28")

I also include a few s-hooks (see above - left side) for necklaces/bracelets

Black frame - white metal panel (12" x 20") $25

My cousin sent me a photo of her frame all loaded up! Thanks Cort! 
white frame - silver panel (I think this one was about 22" x 36") $40

Floral Buttons lamp

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last year I began working on Ava's room. I'll try to post pictures soon. The main thing left to do is figure out what I want on the walls. Until then I wanted to post her lamp, another inspiration from Pottery Barn Kids. I bought the basic white lamp and shade from Target and then simply buttons and thread. I thought it turned out nicely and... HALF the price! 

"Its a Girl" banner

To keep the baby ball rolling, I've also done an "It's a Girl" banner to help liven up the hospital room a bit. Besides, it is baby's first room! (Made out of scrapbook paper)

Please excuse the grainy photos

Expecting ornament

Monday, June 21, 2010

Since my last post was about babies, I might as well keep the ball rolling. This was given to a friend (also Brooke) several months ago and I just found the photos. It's all one ornament. One side is personalized to resemble the expecting parents and the other side tells whether it's a boy or girl.

"We're Expecting"

"April 2010"

"Coming Soon..." (Check Girl or Boy)

For more info e-mail me at

Tutu Princess bow holder

Babies...shoo wee it seems like I hear someone else is pregnant nearly every single day! One of my good friends Brooke had a baby girl back in April. A few weeks prior I was trying to come up with something special I could give sweet baby Karsyn and remembered an adorable bow holder from the B'ham Christmas Village last year. EXCEPT mine is a TRIPLE duty, yes, TRIPLE! The hanging ribbons are for bows, AND it makes a great door hanger at the hospital when they're born, AND the little girl can wear the tutu/skirt as she grows into it! (fits ages 3-6 and can be customized)

Ansley's nursery

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Recently I worked on a wall mural for a nursery. Of course knowing you play a teeny tiny part of such a huge life experience for someone is very special. The mom sent me some photos of the bedding she picked out from Pottery Barn Kids to use as inspiration. Other than that, I had free rein!

Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids

close up of her name over the crib

close up of the branch beside the mirror

Let me know if you're interested!

Little boys

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I also did two paintings for my neighbors, who have THREE boys ages 4 and under and say they want a couple more! Whew...major kudos to them! But their boys are absolutely adorable and I was so excited to be able to add a little fun to their rooms. Amber also sent me a few samples of the bedding in each room so I could match the color palettes.

I used red ribbon on the dumptruck painting...

...but the black border in this one is paint.

Noah - the birthday boy

Back in January I did a painting for sweet Noah, my friend Mandy's son. She sent me a couple of pictures of things in his room so I could keep the theme consistent. The monkeys have those yummy wiggly eyes.

School desk makeover

A couple of years ago my grandmother gave my daughter, Ava, an old desk in hopes it would make homework a little more "fun." Ava loved the desk; however, it was used primarily as a place to sit while watching Mary Poppins & Handy Manny. Unfortunately Ava has outgrown the "movie chair." A few weeks ago I was in the mood to paint something and knew this would be the perfect victim. The stenciled letters add a nice extra touch, especially since it is the age when kiddies are learning to write the alphabet. Let me know if you're interested!
(fits children ages 4-6)

Black & White Cross

To say my projects vary is a bit of an understatement. Trying to list or categorize them seems too complicated - so for now, I'll begin with my most recent painting. It is, after all, where my creative "journey" began...with a blank canvas.

My dear cousin Kristen requested a black & white cross for her classroom. Anything in b/w adds a timeless quality and the subject matter, well, speaks for itself.
(size: 16" x 20")

To blog or not to blog...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The truth is that I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. My hesitation always kicked in when I thought about my borderline OCD-self agonizing over the simplest decisions. I mean it did take me about a year to finally pick a fabric for some drapes in my living room.

Furthermore I am a graphic designer but I work primarily in print design - so I know very little about HTML and web design. This means I have enough design knowledge to be ridiculously picky... BUT once a decision is finally made I am clueless when it comes to implementation.

Being the rookie blogger that I am, there are only about 7 million questions I have regarding these "life or death" decisions. Where do I even begin? What size does this need to be? How do I do that? What am I even looking for? Where in the world does that go? Why is this so difficult? Copy/paste this where? Is it already midnight? Who's idea was this? Am I seeing spots? What just happened?

So, to conclude my very first post, I ask that you please bear with me for a while until I (hopefully) get the hang of this. And I welcome any suggestions, tips and/or advice as I love to learn and will continue to improve my blogging skills. Thanks so much!
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