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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is it just me or is Easter WAY too close for comfort? Don't get me wrong - I am LOVING this gorgeous Alabama weather and Spring is one of my favorite seasons (Fall is obviously the other). But, besides bringing beautiful temperatures and the concept of rebirth, renewal and regrowth, it also reminds me of a few other lovely "Spring" things:
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Spring Break (even though I no longer take part in this tradition.... aw, pity party for me) 
  • Spring Training
  • Spring Fling
  • Handspring (which I could do... when I was a wee little girl)
  • Spring Forward
  • Offspring (which I guess is more of a negative term for children?)
  • Spring in your step
  • Bruce Springsteen (shout out to Kris and her hubby!!)
  • Jerry Springer (OK - this isn't "lovely" but you can't leave him out of a list with "Spring" in the title!)
One thing I despise most about getting older is how time seems to speed up each year. Can this even be possible? This topic seems to come up pretty often so.... I looked it up.... one theory is this: it has to do with the perception of the "Percentage of Experienced Life." In other words, when a 10 yr. old lives through one year, they are experiencing 1/10th of their lifetime. Which in a concept of reality is quite a large perceived time frame. When say a 50 yr. old lives through one year, they are experiencing 1/50th of their lifetime.... or a much shorter segment of time. So, the perception is as we grow older, time as it is perceived, speeds up.... interesting....

Anyway.... back to my ORIGINAL subject: Easter. Here are some fabulous Easter projects.... remember to live in the present and enjoy!

  1. Peeps Easter Decor from The Sweetest Occasion
  2. Homemade Easter wreath by BeaG
  3. Nesting baby bluebird cupcakes from Martha Stewart
  4. Simple spring basket from Maya Made
  5. Bunny brownies in a jar from No Fuss Fabulous
  6. Easter bunny cake pops from Bakerella


Anonymous said...

Ha – thanks for the shout out:)
Loving this Easter post & all the fun Easter ideas!

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