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Sunday, January 2, 2011

BUSY: actively or fully engaged or occupied;

The "main" holiday season (which are the days around Thanksgiving and Christmas for me) is always exciting.....yet exhausting at the same time. I love getting to spend time with friends and family and love the food, of course; and yes, I actually DO celebrate the REAL meaning behind the holidays as well. However I've also found that it is a common thing for others to ask, "How have you been?" or "What have you been up to?" This finding has led to the realization that I have completely exhausted my typical answer to those questions: "Oh, you know just... crazy busy." Now this is not a rare thing, I know, but really... doesn't it seem that not only as you get older do you get more and more things piled on top of you and the "to do" lists grow longer and longer, but also as part of the "Multitasking Generation," doesn't it seem almost impossible to keep up with the world? And not even is it impossible to keep up with the world's expectations, but with your own?

Anyway, in keeping with the busy theme...I'm finally posting a few of the projects I've been working on the past few weeks.

Painted canvas hanger for teacher's gift

Nautical stool

Hand-painted frame - gift

silhouette with initials

Monkey and Giraffe plastic trays (were bright purple originally)


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